Friday, February 4, 2011

Mobile Application Testing

Phantom Data Usage Issue on Windows Phone 7

Just few days back in my post “Test your mobile application for unnecessary excessive data calls” we had discussed that developer should make sure that application is not making any unnecessary data call where it is not required.
The similar case is found to happen with Microsoft’s few handsets based on its new windows phone 7 Operating System.Issues have been reported that some handsets running on windows phone 7 OS are sending and receiving “Phantom data”.Some Users are complaining that there device is eating so much data requests which is affecting there data plans badly.As per one user the phone sends almost 30-50 MB of data each day.Interestingly excessive data is used by phone even if the phone is kept idle.
Probable Reasons for this issue:
Is it the problem due to the phones sending “feedback” to Microsoft about the software’s performance OR the phones are using a 3G connection even when wi-fi is available ? Well the root cause is yet to be identified.
Microsoft’s Stand on this:
Microsoft is looking in to this issues and may be will come up with some solution for this in there next Windows Phone 7 update.As per Microsoft it is investigating why some Windows Phone 7 based mobile handsets are sending and receiving “phantom data”.The issues however mostly raised by At & T users.
So the bottom line behind this is as I said earlier, test your mobile handset or mobile application not only on the basis of its functional compliance but also keeping in mind some other major factors which may impact your business.

Full Fledge 3G Era:
Though 3G Service in India started in 2010,the service will gain momentum in 2011 as all the service provide will come in action this year.3G(third generation of cellular telecommunications technology) will change the whole scenario for Mobile cell phone users. May be you will be able to see this year’s  Cricket world cup directly on your Mobile phone. The doors will open up for all the mobile applications where mobile internet speed was greatest concern. Live streaming of movies and music, Live mobile tv, video conferencing would no longer be a dream now.
Mobile Number Portability:
Mobile Number Portability is going to be one of the hottest gift to cell phone users in India.With Mobile Number Portability, cell phone users will retain their mobile number even if they change their Service Provider. For example if you are switching your service provider from Idea to Airtel,you can still retain your older number with the help of this service. Users will have to pay Indian Rupee 19 to avail this service. Mobile Number Portability will make the market very competitive as now users will have no restriction to change their mobile numbers if the service provider does not come up with proper and affordable plan.
Windows Phone 7:
It seems Microsoft will put all their energy to make windows phone 7 successful. So far the beginning of the windows 7 seems not that good but yup Microsoft will try everything. For micorosft this is now or never. If you look simply at sales, Windows Phone 7 hasn’t had an explosive launch. Not many people seem to have a Windows Phone 7 device yet, and a widely circulated rumor from industry experts says that Microsoft only sold 40,000 handsets at launch in November 2010. For now Windows phone 7 will be for touch screen phones only.
Nokia Meego:
Though there are new Handset Manufacturing companies established their presence in Indian Handset Market, Nokia is still the Boss. Hence it becomes very important to see where Nokia is heading on. Nokia is working with intel for its new Linux based Operating System Meego. It will be great to see how would be the response to Nokia’s this linux based Operating System in year 2011.Nokia’s Meego Operating system will be used in Netbooks, Handsets, Tablets and so on.
Tablet PC’S to rock this year:
Apple ipad sales crossed 7 million last year(2010).After Apple ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Tablet PC  Market is supposed to find new dimensions in this year. Blackberry Playbook, Sprint 4G Tablet, Android Based Motorola and HTC Tablets, Hewlett-Packard WebOS Tablet, Apple ipad2, Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Tablet-Netbook Hybrid, Windows Tablets and Atom-Based Tablets will be ready to launch in year 2011. So if you are a Tablet lover, just wait and watch as a lot to come in tablet market this year.
Tablet PC’S in India @ RS 1500/- Only:
With Tablet PC’S going to rock this year, another announcement done last year by government of India will take on effect this year. Govt .has announced to bring a tablet pc just worth Rs 1500 for students whose cost would later be reduced to Indian Rs 500.Users will be able to browse internet, watch movies can read and edit documents on this. This would be world’s cheapest Tablet PC. This would be 2011’smost exiting event.
Reasons Why Mobile Apps Need Testing
For any mobile app developer hoping to produce a top quality mobile application, app testing is an essential part of the app development process. Here are several reasons for getting your application tested by a mobile app testing professional before its consumer release:
Check the Basic User Experience
After designing and developing a mobile app you will need it to be tested by a group of eager mobile users. This simply requires the application to be test run in it’s simplest form – fully using the app for it’s intended purpose. Users at this testing stage should be asked to give feedback on the complete user experience and record any glitches they discover. Screenshots can be extremely useful at this point, and if the app in question is iPhone based there is no excuse for making the most of the screen capture function.
Test Navigation
Whilst basic user testing may bring awareness to navigation problems, computer based app testing is the most accurate way of checking full app navigation. This process will check all menu functions are correctly working and that both internal and external links are accurate.
Test System and Negative Usage
By performing app tests, a developer can accurately determine how your application will function in various conditions. Testing the apps reactions to system changes such as low memory or low battery as well as putting the application up against negative challenges such as malicious attacks.
Check for Hidden Defects
If all is well with the general user experience of your app, there could still be hidden issues that could cause sporadic performance or later problems. These defects are found through both software and hardware tests and are only completely detectable through professional services.
Check Connectivity
Many iPhone apps rely on internet connectivity in some form or another after original download (even if just for updates). Monitoring how a mobile app functions in conditions of low internet connectivity or mobile signal is a very important stage in mobile app testing and will ensure that any problems formed during app development can be corrected before release.
Test Audio Functionality
Another area which needs to be tested is the apps ability to interact with various audio settings on different handsets. App details including audio and vibrate feedback (when a sound or buzz plays on a touch) also need to be thoroughly checked to eliminate any future glitches.

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