Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Https Recording Using Jmeter - QA Hint

Https traffic recording with Jmeter had been a issue for quite a long time. With recent version of Jmeter releases, it has tried to fill the gap on this shortcoming. It had previously https spoof until Jmeter version 2.6 which didnt quite work well with redirects etc. The latest release of Jmeter (currently 2.9) doesn't use this anymore. Jmeter https recording works normally. But for some URL's , it works straight forward. 

Steps allows you to do Https recording

1. Importing Jmeter proxy certificate. 
I had looked into this on google, but couldn't find a source to tell how this can be done. But my colleague found out that there is a file in extras directory of Jmeter.. Its called proxycert.cmd(sh for linux) . Import this file firefox by clicking on Options->Advanced –>View certificates>Authorities –> Import. After this you will see the Jmeter Proxy certificate as shown below
Then click on the edit button and tick the all boxes as shown below link click Ok
Try recording with Jmeter now.refer Proxy Setup 

Even after this if you still facing issue recording the https traffic, which I too had, then install firefox 3.6. When it didnt work for me after trying the above steps, I downloaded the older version of firefox 3.6. After downgrade, I had following options unchecked in the firefox browser options. After this changes, https recording for Jmeter through firefox worked.

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